A Safe Project

The Rebellion Protocol is a safe project. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency industry displays a significant amount of scams, rug-pulls and ill-intent projects. This not only harms the investors but also the industry as a whole, as the wider population is warry of joining the industry for fear of these projects.

Rebellion Protocol is an honest and safe project.

All contracts are public

Contract Audit

The $REBL contract has been audited by Techrate and passed all the test successfully. There are no issues identified in the contract. Link below:

Rugfree project

The initial liquidity is locked to make sure $REBL investors are always able to buy and sell $REBLs. Similarly the community & DEX reserve are locked. Links below:

Our lock partner (Team.finance) does not work well on the Chrome browser. You may open the link on firefox or directly look for the contract address on their site.

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