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The Rebellion Protocol is a community driven project and therefore emphasizes on the involvement of its community and holders in the decision making process. The REBL DAO NFTs give to its holders voting rights to make decisions in the REBL DAO. More information in the Governance section.

How to get REBL DAO NFTs?

REBL DAO NFT (NFT) can be obtain as a reward for staking $REBL tokens (primary market) or can be purchased on the Rebellion NFT marketplace (secondary market). Any holders of $REBLs is eligible to stake REBLs and receive REBL DAO NFTs in return.

A holder must stake for a minimum of two weeks to get NFTs, but may choose to stake longer. A multiplier applies for staking periods above two weeks, which means the longer $REBLs are staked the more NFTs are received as reward. NFT Rewards are callable at the end of the staking period.

A minimum amount is required to stake. This guaranties a certain rarity of the NFTs and ensures a minimum value. To support smaller holders, the first two NFT rarity levels enjoy more vote in proportion to amount of REBL staked, than other NFTs.

There are five tiers corresponding to amount of REBLs staked and duration time.

Staking Tiers & NFT reward

For clarification, if you are Tier PIRATE, you will receive Rare NFTs and below. If you are Tier CAPO you will receive Legendary NFTs and below NFTs.

Here is one of our NFTs

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