Rebellion Protocol


Divestments (selling back investments) are organized in an accelerated way compared to the investment proposals. Only the Protectors are eligible to make divestment proposals.

Step 1: Divestment Proposals

The only information needed to make a divestment proposal is:
  • Why it is the right time to divest the investment

Step 2: Proposal review

When an divestment proposal is submitted, the proposal is reviewed to make sure it fits the requirements.
Accelerated process: In order to protect the wealth of the Rebellion, the team is entitled to accelerate the process and divest without any proposal, provided one condition is met: the value of an investment position fell by more than 20% in 24 hours.
The accelerated process has been put in place in case of a massive sell-off in the market. This allows the Rebellion investment fund to quickly sell-off an investment and retain profits.

Divestments fund use

When a divestment event (selling off an investment) takes place divested funds are used as follow:
  • 60% is sent to the REBL Investment Wallet with the aim to be reinvested
  • 20% is used for $REBL token purchase & burns (may be over a certain period of time)
  • 20% Dividends airdrops
    • 15% to REBL DAO NFT holders (pro rata their NFT holdings)
    • 5% to the Protector who proposed the investment
A Divestment must provide a return of at least 1.5x of initial invested amount for the Protector to receive its dividend. Otherwise his share is sent to REBL DAO NFT holders.
If a Divestment is below 1x of initial invested amount, the entire sum given by the Divestment is returned to the Investment Wallet