$REBL Tokenomics

« (Token) Economics is too important to leave to the economists » Steve Keen

Liquidity on DEX

50% (500B tokens) of the total $REBL token liquidity is locked in liquidity pools at token launch, on decentralized exchanges (DEX). The token launch and liquidity was added on the 11.11.2021. The team or investors do not receive any tokens.

Treasury Reserve

The Rebellion Protocol Treasury Reserve was set up at the inception of the project and represents 30% (300B tokens) of the total $REBL token supply. The reserve is released aimed at being the initial treasury for the project to make investments. Typically this funds will be used to create bonds (sell $REBL against BUSD or BNB at a discount price with a vesting period), to invest in projects and/or to be burned.

The Treasury reserve is locked until released for use.

Ecosystem Reserve

A 20% (200B tokens) ecosystem reserve of the total $REBL token supply is locked until released for use. This reserve is intended for future developments including but not limited to operations and rewards related the project's decentralized exchange, NFT marketplace and Launchpad.

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