Rebellion VC fund

Cryptocurrency & blockchain technologies are the building block of a new financial infrastructure, similar to how the internet was the building block of a new information infrastructure.

The Rebellion Protocol is a crypto focused venture capital (VC) fund that is entirely on the blockchain and 100% community driven. We are a unique investment DAO.

Investment strategy

The investment strategy is focused tokens of projects developing blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain based alternative projects such as NFT, Metaverse or Play to earn. In this sense, and unlike classic investment fund, Rebellion protocol does NOT invest in equity and is therefore NOT an asset manager.

The most important filters determining if an project is interesting for the fund are:

  1. A compelling usecase(s) solving one or more pain point(s)

  2. A strong team, ideally with proven track record

  3. Well built reasonable token economics

  4. The project is in an early-stage (Pre-sale, recently launched, early stage of growth phase)

A project that has attracted experienced backers or advisers is a strong additional argument.

The investment time-horizon is 3 months minimum to 2 years maximum.

Expected returns must be a minimum of 10x or 1000% over the investment period. It does not mean the fund will systematically achieve this return with every investments, but each investment must exhibit the ability to reach these kind of returns.

Ultimately, investment decisions are validated by the community of holders. Depending on the community's decisions, investment may differ from the initial investment focus, but strong arguments must be given to back the decision.

Investment decision making

Rebellion protocol is not a traditional VC fund as investment decisions are not made at the discretion of an investment committee, but by the community of its members holding voting powers. Therefore the entire investment decision making is made via the project's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the REBL DAO. See the Governance section for more information.


In order to enter the project and become a "VC investor" you simply need to purchase $REBL tokens here. See the REBL token section for more information.

The $REBL token is always tradable on at least one exchange to guarantee the liquidity at any time. This means you can buy or sell $REBL tokens 24/7. To guarantee a minimum level of liquidity the project has locked the initial liquidity with a third party here.


The Rebellion Protocol investment fund does not raise capital. In this sense it differs drastically from classic investment funds. This also means that there are no general partners, limited partners or any equity involved whatsoever. In order to finance its investment fund, the project has put a mechanism in place which take a 3% fee on all buy/sell transactions of $REBL and redirects this fee into the fund. That means on any given day if there is a transaction volume on the $REBL of $1'000'000, the investment fund will grow by $30'000.

Successful investments fund use

When a divestment event takes place, i.e. when the Rebellion VC fund sells its position in a project after it grew in value, funds are returned to the Rebellion VC fund.

Unless specifically voted otherwise, and provided the investment generated a minimum of 2x return, divested funds are used as follow:

  • 60% reallocation to new investments

  • 20% $REBL token purchase & burns (over a certain period of time)

  • 20% Dividends airdrops

    • 10% to $REBL holders (in REBL)

    • 5% to REBL DAO NFT holders (in $REBL)

    • 5% to the consultant managing that investment (in $REBL or Stables)

Entirely on the blockchain

The Rebellion Protocol is entirely on the blockchain, which was the only way to guarantee a high level of efficiency when investing and to democratize the investment decision making.

Development Stage

The REBL DAO (decentralized governance) has not yet been deployed. This means the team is still in control of the Rebellion Protocol investment fund. The team will use the investment fund wisely in order to grow the project until the decentralized governance is deployed, mostly including financing activities such as:

  • Infrastructure and blockchain related developments

  • Marketing and PR (including community Airdrops)

  • Manual burns

Is Rebellion Protocol an Asset Manager?

The answer is no, it is not. There is no equity involved and no investment committee. Rebellion Protocol is just a blockchain based project with a utility token, a DAO and a protocol in place to formalize the way it works.

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