Executive Summary

Short summary of the project

The Rebellion Protocol is a crypto focused venture capital (VC) fund that is entirely on the blockchain and 100% driven by the community, through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The project stems from a simple question: Can we create, by pooling the knowledge of a massive amount of people, an investment vehicle that generates an alpha above average classical crypto VC funds?

The answer was to build a venture capital fund, fully on the blockchain, where the community makes decisions and with mechanics that generates ripple effect throughout its entire ecosystem, that is virtuous and exponential, and therein provides some of the highest financial returns ever created by a VC fund.

Classical investment funds raise money among High Net Worth Individuals and big financial institutions, which makes such investment difficult to access for 99% of the global population. The process is very cumbersome and paper heavy.

Rebellion Protocol on the contrary is accessible to anyone and structured in a simple manner. Anyone can buy the Rebellion token ($REBL) and therefore become a VC investor. On top of that, Rebellion Protocol does not raise money, it takes fees on its token transactions to finance its VC fund. So no need to spend enormous time on roadshows (which don't create value) or answer to big institutional investors, that could force us into acting in a way we don't want to act. In fact, Rebellion Protocol answers to no one except its community. Our community governs the project through the Rebellion Protocol Decentralized Autonomous Organization (REBL DAO).

The project's VC fund invests in promising blockchain projects, ideally at a pre-sale stage, and aims to achieve a minimum of 10x or 1000% returns over the investment period. It therefore deploys funds with a mid to long-term investment horizon. In terms of investment focus, it invests in projects with a compelling use case, strong teams/backers/advisors, healthy token economics and is agnostic to blockchain technologies or trends.

How does it work?

The project's token, the Rebellion protocol ($REBL), a BEP-20 token, incorporates three (3) built-in mechanisms that are financed each by a 3% fee on buy/sell transactions of the REBL token, for a total of 9% transaction fee. On every transaction, these mechanisms take place:

  1. 3% allocation to the VC fund, also called the "Rocket Pool"

  2. 3% redistributed to $REBL holders (also called holder reflection)

  3. 3% added to the liquidity (automatic liquidity increase)

The project is not only the first VC fund fully on the blockchain but also the first community driven VC fund. Thus, REBL DAO NFTs have been developed to function as governance tokens, giving its holders voting rights, in order for them to drive the Rebellion Protocol project and its VC fund. REBL DAO NFTs, which are essentially voting rights packaged in awesome looking NFTs, can be obtained either as a reward for staking $REBL tokens (Primary market) or purchased on the Rebellion Protocol marketplace (secondary market).

Both tokens function in tandem, as REBL DAO NFTs are distributed to members staking $REBL, while REBL DAO NFTs guarantee its holders the power to govern the $REBL project.

As a $REBL token holder, you constantly receive additional $REBL (due to the reflection mechanism), if you stake your $REBL then you are constantly rewarded with REBL DAO NFTs on top of your $REBL (due to the staking reward). This means, the more you invest in the project and the longer you stay, the more value accumulates in your wallet and the more powerful you become over the project.

If you seek significant financial returns, to share knowledge and fun as part of an active community, to challenge the status quo, to do something that has never been done before, to become part of history, join the Rebellion! Because we are on our way to beat Blackrock.

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