The Rebellion Community

This project not only aims to become a success story, but it seeks to inspire a new generation of community driven projects.

Our community is strong, knowledgeable and competent. It is composed of individuals who seek to become better everyday, to be part of something bigger and to contribute each individually to the greater cause.

We are built upon a common purpose, a vision for the future, a mission to be fulfilled, as well as thousands of collective experiences that shape us along the way, and make our community an ever-evolving beast.

We are a rebellion; a rebellion against the status quo, against the classical financial system, who is often too far from certain realities and not accessible to most of us.

We are rebels, each in our own way. We are together to break frontiers, to build great things, we have no limits, we push forward until we succeed and prove the world that there is a new way to do things, a better way.

Together we are strong, together we are one and together we are Rebellion.

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