The Investment DAO

The investment governance process (Investment DAO) is the investment arm of the Rebellion Protocol project, which allocates the funds that are in the Rebellion Investment Wallet.


Who is eligible to make and/or vote on investment proposals?

  • The Protectors, composed of REBL NFT holders with the highest number of votes, are eligible to make investment proposals

  • The Rebels, composed of all REBL NFT holders, are eligible to vote on investment proposals

All REBL DAO NFT holders are Rebels and together they form The Rebellion. Yet only the top REBL NFT holders get granted the status of "Protectors". Protectors of the Rebellion are tasked with safeguarding which proposals are sent to the Rebels to be voted upon.

Investment Process

Step 1: Investment Proposal

In order to make an investment proposal, a protector must must include all the following information:

  1. The investment project name

  2. A description of the project

  3. All links to the project (incl. website, whitepaper, socials accounts, etc.)

  4. Investors/backers (if any)

  5. Token economics (if any)

  6. Proposed amount to be invested (in BUSD) in the project and why

  7. Reasons why the Rebellion fund should invest

  8. The divestment threshold (target value)

Investment Amount

The maximum investment amount is 20'000 BUSD. The maximum investment amount is set to grow with the project's growth in value.

Divestment threshold

The divestment threshold is the target value expressed as a percentage of initial investment, after which the project will automatically divest the asset. For example; threshold is at 200% of initial investment of $10'000. Once the investment reaches a value of $20'000, it is automatically sold.

Burn Mechanism

For every investment granted, an extra 15% of the investment amount is taken from the investment wallet and sent to a burn wallet. If there is not enough reserve in the treasury for both the investment and the burn, the project will wait until there is enough reserve to execute.

First come first served principle

Proposals that are accepted will be executed one after the other as long as there is enough reserve in the treasury. If there is not enough reserve in the treasury, the project will simply wait until there is enough reserve to execute on the voted project.

Step 2: Proposal review

When an investment proposal is submitted, the proposal is immediately available for the community to see in Snapshot. The proposal will however be reviewed simultaneously by the team to make sure it fits the requirements. If the proposal does not fit the requirements, the proposal will be removed by the team.

Step 3: Voting

The community should take time to review the proposal and discuss it over the project’s official channels, Telegram being the main channel to discuss Investment proposals.

When a proposal is presented it is in a pending stage for five (5) days, during which Rebels are not yet able to vote. The goal is to discuss the proposal.

After the pending stage is over, the proposal becomes active for two (2) days for all Rebels to vote. “Yes”, “No” or "Abstention" votes may be cast during the voting period. Only REBL DAO NFT holders are eligible to vote (except for the top 50 NFT holders) and the weight of their vote corresponds to all voting rights given by all NFTs held by the address casting the vote.

Any Rebel holders may change its vote during the voting period. $REBL (token) holders will not be entitled to vote, voters must have NFTs. To get NFTs stake your $REBL (more info here).

Quorum: A minimum of 100 Votes must be casted for the vote to be valid

Acceptance: Acceptance is reached when 50% of votes + 1 vote, of total votes made for this proposal, are in favor of the proposal.

For the proposal to be successful and enacted, both Quorum and Acceptance must be reached.

Step 4: Investment Execution

After a proposal is successful (50% + 1 vote of total votes cast a "yes" vote), the project will invest from its Investment Wallet in the proposed project with the proposed amount. The team is responsible for the execution of investment proposals.

For every investment made, an extra 15% of the investment amount is taken from the Investment Wallet and sent to a burn wallet. This ensures the $REBL token supply continually goes down.

If the Investment Wallet does not have enough funds to make the proposed investment + the 15% Burn, the project will wait until the Investment Wallet has enough tokens to make the investment and invest as soon as the Investment Wallet has enough funds.

Investments may typically include:

  1. Pre-sale participation

  2. ICO/IDO

  3. Investing in any crypto currencies/assets or tokens (including NFTs)

  4. Investing in infrastructure & partnerships (as per Rebellion Capital's needs)

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