Build the Rebellion with us

Since Rebellion Protocol is a community driven project, there are multiple ways to get involved with the project and the community. You can join the project at any level, depending on your competencies and available time, there is a place for everyone within the project.

You involvement can be twofold on a social level and/or an investment level

Investment involvement & rewards

Social involvement & ranks

How to grow your Rank

Ranks are based on your activity on the group. The more you post, the more interesting content you post, the more your rank grows. Type !me in Telegram to know your rank and !toplvl to see the top 5 leaders. Ranks are reset every two months.


  1. Recruit

  2. Rebel Hustler

  3. Rebel Captain

  4. Rebel Boss

  5. Rebel Pimp

  6. Rebel Don

  7. Rebel Chad

  8. Rebel Major

  9. Rebel Commander

  10. Rebel Legend

  11. ???

💎Top participants are rewarded every two month as follow:

Top 5 rank leaders: Get $50 REBL each

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